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Packages and online sessions 

My online shop is ready. What with petrol prices and the general economy. I wanted to find a way that I could still help people but in a way that is easier for them. So from today my online shop offers 6 new single session downloads covering some of the most requested issues of the past year. These products that you can purchase and do in your own place at your own pace.

I also offer online and face to face packages.

NEW FOR 2023 Single Session Downloadable hypnotherapy session for 6 of the most common issues over the past year. Teenage Anxiety, Emotional Eating, Exam Anxiety, Fibro Relaxation, Motivation and Doom Scrolling.

You've got this an online package for confidence & Self-esteem.

Well, that's a weight off my mind. Face to face or Zoom, weight loss program tailored around you. 

Oi Fat Off. An online weight loss program.

Believe in you. New confidence and. self-worth package. A 3 session face to face package with an e-book plus a unique 6 month peace of mind support.

Update & Reboot. a self hypnosis program to help give you an immediate boost when needed.

All of the above can be purchased by clicking on your choice below.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me

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