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Mirror Mirror, A 4 session package for women which includes an NMR session to  allow you to release any emotions attached to past happenings. 2 or if needed 3 content free hypnotherapy sessions . Which will allow you to declutter and reboot your head.  And at each session we will  clear any blocks that you or society have put in your way  giving you the growth mindset that you desire.

At the end of the sessions you will have all the tools you need to find that love for yourself. The confidence to step out of your comfort zone and the belief in yourself that you don’t worry what others think.

Anyone who signs up for the package will receive 3 eBooks which accompany the sessions. 3 supporting sound files and access to me for 6 months  to give you that encouragement and drive that you may need.The total package price  Should be £475.00 but for the month of September I am offering it at just £350.

Mirror, Mirror

£475.00 Regular Price
£351.50Sale Price
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