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Release Sessions

From July 2024. I will be offering 90 minute single release sessions.

The Tree Of Life Visual Release For Women


Rise From The Ashes a Visual Release For Men

I have been working on these sessions for some time now, and some of my clients have been helping me with sittings and feedback to get the best possible result in a single sitting.

Because of their responses and their input I decided that a single session of 90 minutes followed up with a downloadable audio track will give my clients all that they need to clear that brain fog and also to let go of any emotions, thoughts, hurt, frustrations etc. not only within in the session but long after the session is over.

Both of the sessions are visual release sessions but I have made them more appealing to gender. However it is your choice which one you would prefer.


The Single 90 minute session is Just


and includes an audio file to use anytime as and when needed. 

90 minute Single Release Session

Tree Of Life

Experience the transformative power of my Tree of Life session at Jon Adkin Bahyp Hypnotherapist. This single session will give you the visual release you need to clear that brain fog and let go of whatever is holding you back. Equipped with powerful tools that you can continue to use on your own, this session will empower you to release and move forward whenever you need to. Let your powerful imagination guide you towards the life you deserve.

90 minute Single Release Session

Rise From The Ashes.

If you are suffering from lack of confidence or you feel as it your head is full of junk. It's time to release, to declutter to let go of those negative emotions that may be holding you back. Say goodbye to brain fog and hello to a clear and focused mind with Rise From The Ashes from me Jon Adkin Bahyp Hypnotherapist.


Stuck identities, limiting beliefs and old stories keep you stuck.

Many therapies only scratch the surface. and can leave the client frustrated with the results.

Release sessions offers a deeper and faster way of helping people.

It's the subconscious mind that prevents you moving on and allowing real change to happen. Either of these sessions can rapidly rewire the subconscious allowing the client to let go and move on.

Tree of Life and Rise From the Ashes allows you to clear problems and blockages within minutes.

Think what we could clear in an hour instead of months. 

What can a release session help with?

Either session clears issues like stress, procrastination, anxiety, heartbreak, low self-esteem, lack of motivation and so much more.


Ready to find out more? Contact me or book a free discovery call by clicking here.

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